7 Mistakes men make while grooming

There is a stereotype being created for men that they are not supposed to keep up themselves in terms of body care. They say a true man is supposed to be rough and unconcerned about how he looks to others. While many among the same group of people argue that a man should look gentleman as well. What an oxymoronic mindset is it? And due to this reason, many men find themselves at sixes and sevens. So here we are going to discuss the mistakes men make and what they should do.

i) Confused mindset

Before anything else, men should get clear about it. Any change comes from a change of mindset. There is no doubt here that we all have the intrinsic trait that we want to look good, and also we want others to look good to our eyes as well. More importantly, how come it should be advisable to forget yourself and ignore your needs and turn out to be messy and untidy, especially when we human beings are the most beautiful creatures of God.

ii) Unscheduled routine

A growing sense of ‘instant gratification,’ especially when it comes to your body care, is never advisable.  Like anything else, you should make a schedule when you should get a haircut, cut fingernails, or wash your beard, etc. Untidy look and untrimmed self become a reason of not only appearing unconfident but also being disliked by others.

iii) Dehydrated skin

Although the skin of men is less sensitive than women, it does not mean it is not susceptible to wrinkles, skin ailments or aging. Hence, it is necessary to keep your skin moisturized by drinking lots of water daily. Besides, if you are a beardman, then you should use beard oil and beard wax as well to supply the essential ingredients to your facial hair and skin underneath.

iv) Untrimmed nose and ear hair

Cutting your nose and ear hair is as necessary as your fingernails by all means. Untrimmed hair in these places can throw a bad impression on others. Get a trimmer if you have not thought about it yet to avoid being looked messy. 

v) Bumpy hands and feets

In case you have dry skin and it is causing your hands and feets bumpy, it is advisable to use coconut, almond or jojoba oil to prevent skin dryness. It is annoying when you walk with rough feet and make you feel weird when you shake hands with someone, especially when he mocks you after it.

vi) Trim with the wrong tools

Of course, one needs to trim the hair between barber cuts, but doing it with wrong tools can really be annoying. Hence, you should get the right tools to prevent ending up with a skin cut. 

vii) Ignoring face wash

Our skin, all day, is exposed to various microorganisms and not wiping it off from your face can cause skin irritation or skin problems. It is a good habit to wash your face 3-4 times a day to keep your skin cleansed and protected.