Stages of Beard Growth – Tips to become a Bearded Man from a clean-shaven boy

Were you looking out to look into different stages of beard-growth, and how can you grow your beard faster and better? You are in the right place as we will see all the different stages of beard-growth, and what can you do to grow your beard more efficiently and effectively. 

Disparate Beard Growth Stages

1) Beginning of a new journey

So finally, you decided to include yourself into the category of the real men — welcome to thug life. Since you decided to go on the journey, the first thing you need to do is to leave your razor, and sit back and relax. Wait for the first week to pass by and do nothing, and see how it makes you feel. 

2) Getting a stubble

Hopefully, you’ll get a stubble by the end of the week or so. A different look on your face, maybe you find yourself a little strange. Don’t worry as it is just a beginning, and a long journey down the line is waiting for you. 

Are you feeling a little itchy? Perhaps due to your shaving for years, making your skin itchy as facial hair grow out. The nicest thing to overcome this is simply using beard oil, especially argan beard oil. Argan oil reduces irritation and softens your facial hair. 

3) Beyond one-month-old beard

After spending a month with a beard growing, you must be able to acknowledge the pattern of beard and look and feel of how it looks on you. You might not get a beard in even pattern, rather you find a few areas having a thick beard and others left with patches. No need to worry about it as it will get fine after you spend a bit more time. It is still pertinent to note that you should not start trimming your beard as it can slow down the beard-growing process. Let it grow further and wait for things to move on. 

It’s time to buy beard wash for washing your facial hair, and never use scalp shampoo on your beard because the skin beneath facial hair is sensitive, and scalp shampoo is not suitable for your facial skin. And keep using beard oil to keep your beard moisturized and skin beneath it. It is noteworthy that beard oil is convenient during any phase. 

4) A look of full-beard

You would get a feel of full-beard now, following 6-8 weeks. Though your patches are out there, the good news is that you are following the process and getting better with the beard. 

You should not use a razor to cut its length, although you may need to groom your beard. The application of beard oil is still to follow, plus you need to buy a beard comb now to brush your beard effectively. 

5) A burly bearded man

You will surely have hair-filled cheeks by now and enjoying the manly aspect of your personality than ever before after 4-6 months. To look perfectly well-groomed and fascinating, you may need to brush your beard consistently, especially with a beard comb, and beard oil for moisturization besides. You can use beard wax to give your beard the hold and styling the beard to form your desired shape. 

It is up to you now to trim your beard or keep on growing until you take your beard to your sought-after length. 

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