You Might Be Washing Your Beard Wrongly

Beardsmen have their own swag and identity that stands them out from the rest. However, improper care of the beard is not only a betrayal with oneself but also a big reason for understating its intrinsic charm. It is, therefore, essential for you to properly care your beard so that you would look dashing dude, plus get away from all the roughness and dryness that gathers around your beard. Today we are going to look at what we do wrong and how we can make things right, so let’s start off now.

i). Temperature of water

Although hot water is soothing to your sensations, it is not with any possible sense good for your skin anyway. It actually reacts very harshly to your skin. It is clearly bad for your beard as hot water can cause inflammation and dryness to your skin. 

Hence, it is always a good idea to take a shower with lukewarm water to keep your beard invigorating and free of irritation. 

ii). Number of times should you wash the beard

It has been seen that people wash their beard too often, believing that it will do good for their beard which is not correct as washing your beard too many times dry up your natural oil called sebum that can cause dryness to your skin, resulting in irritation and curls. 

Depending upon the type of skin you have, you must wash your beard accordingly. It is normally advised to wash your beard after every 1-2 days if you have oily skin, while people with dry skin should wash their beards after every 3-4 days. 

iii) Way of washing beard

First of all, wet your beard with water, preferably with lukewarm water, and then pour beard shampoo into your palm and rub palms together. Later, massage your beard thoroughly in a circular motion and use fingertips to dig deep into all directions for 30-45 seconds. Finally, rinse your beard thoroughly with water. 

Once you wash your beard, it is recommended to blow dry your facial hair with the coolest possible setting of temperature and 6-8 inches away from your face. 

And now you are done with a blow-dryer, apply a few drops of beard oil into your facial hair and massage it a little. It is always preferred to apply beard oil after a shower as your skin natural oil gets dried out after a shower, and beard oil provides your scalp and beard the supplement to the natural oil to keep your beard moisturized and shiny. 

And then you comb your beard, preferably with a beard comb, to form your desired style. You can use beard wax to hold and shape your beard, especially if your beard is frizzy. Another worthy point to highlight about beard wax is its ability to moisturize your beard and gives it a shiny look.