A Guide To Beard Oils — Usefulness And Procedure To Apply

Written by: Syed Muhammad Taha

Beard serves you a principal edge over clean-shaven ones. A symbol of manhood, a sense of maturity, and the outlook of a powerful personality that beard brought with itself. However, having an untidy beard actually works in the opposite manner, plus it gives you itchy sensations, curls, and dryness.

Why the facial hair turns dry and makes one feel itchy

Our skin has a sub-part called a hair follicle which helps to grow hair — inside the pinnacle of the follicle are sebaceous glands that naturally produce oil known as sebum oil. Once you lengthen the beard, the natural sebum oil gets unable to provide enough oil required to keep up beard moisturized, shiny, and soft as well as annoy the skin, resulting in a rough, itchy surface under the hair.

Here comes a need for an additional tool that would fulfill the scarcity of the oil desiring your skin to overcome all aforementioned concerns. And we have beard oils that will essentially take away all the concerns and give you a bossy look, relaxed skin, and influential impact upon others. 

Beard oils and their usefulness

Beard oil simply supplements the sebum oil when our skin glands are not enough to properly lubricate the lengthy facial hair as our skin produces the oil to the amount our skin glands have the ability to produce. Beard oil nourishes and hydrates our hair follicles that ultimately result in shiny, furbishing beard and glowy skin underneath the hair.

Resultantly, you will realize that you can get better maintain and untangle your beard while combing your facial hair. By the same token, you find the improvement in the overall appearance of your beard by using the beard oils. Therefore, it is highly suggested to use beard oil at any point you feel like itching skin, dryness in the facial hair or unjustified curls.

The procedure to use the beard oil

There is no hard and fast rule to rigidly follow, but it is recommended to use once a day — although your skin texture and climate can be an important factor to bring change in a number of times you should apply the beard oil. The amount of beard oil being used depends on the length of the beard-size you have. Stubble beard often takes only a drop, budding growth needs 2 drops, mid-range might require 3-5 drops while long beard can take up to 5 plus droplets of beard oil.

It is a good idea to use beard oil after a shower as our natural skin oil gets dry after we come out of the shower.

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