4 Common Beard Growing Problems Men Face And How Can You Resolve Them?

A good beard requires care, grooming, maintenance and itching-tolerance. Being a beards man is beyond just growing your beard

If you want a healthy beard long-term, you need to take care of it.Growing and grooming a beard is no longer a style quotient for men; It is a lifestyle.
There are many reasons to grow a long, bushy, and perfect beard.

By letting your face grow beautiful hair, you can officially enter the manhood and take a step up the social ladder.

Without enough attention, you won’t have a pleasant beard experience. Unfortunately because of Beard itch, dandruff, dry skin, and acne, many men give up and shave it all off. Growing this heavenly man feature can invite some beard growing problems but luckily we have listed the most common ones and how to solve them to help you continue on your path of looking perfect!

  1. Beard Itch

Once the beard comes to a certain length, some men tend to feel itchy. Some men’s faces start to itch as soon as their facial hair starts growing back and the itchiness can sometimes be unbearable. This is one of the reasons why many men choose to shave their beards before they are fully grown.Shaving your beard can also lead to itchiness.

Beard itch can irritate, and in the early stages of growing a beard, it’s one of the main reasons men don’t reach ‘full beard’ status they just can’t take the itching.Shaving can also cause itching (you’re cutting the hairs at an angle,loaded with nutrients and minerals which nourish the scalp.It balances pH levels, locking in moisture, which is perfect for dry and brittle hair and when they emerge again, they dig into the skin) and dry skin is another culprit.

The best way to deal with beard itching is to wash it, oil it daily and brush your beard. 

  1. Beard Acne

Growing a beard does protect your skin from pollution and Sunlight exposure, but for men with sensitive hair, it can also lead to acne. This can get uncomfortable, and itchiness can make things even worse. Bacteria accumulate around the hair follicles and ingrown hair can contribute to the inflammation which can cause painful acne.

Some men stop keeping their skin and beard moisturized when have acne which is nothing but contribution to more acne because when a man stop keeping his skin or beard moisturized, his skin and beard gets dry that create oil which furthers adds to the acne. Keeping your skin and beard moisturize with oil helps significantly in fighting with acne. Wabees beard oil can be your Savior in fighting against acne as it is crafted exquisitely considering men acne and other related skin and beard problems.

  1. Beard Dandruff

Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells that appear on your clothes as white flakes. We all shed skin as it dies and a small amount of flaking is normal.
Causes include dry skin, not cleaning, not brushing (exfoliating), not moisturizing, cold dry weather, in hot humid climates and dry skin that the beard traps.

You probably thought that dandruff is something that can never happen to your beard – unfortunately, it can!

Dandruff is not a problem that only affects your scalp, but can also become persistent in your beard due to dryness of skin and weather conditions. Keep the dandruff away from your beard by moisturizing it on daily basis with beard oil. 

4.Patchy Beard Growth

A beard growing in patches is another common reason why people shave it off within the first few weeks.The truth is that significant decrease of hormones that influences male characteristics may lead to development of a bald patch in the beard region. Hereditary factor– The patch may develop due to genetics that run in the family.
A handful of methods to actually stimulate facial hair growth to eventually eliminate those bald patches in facial hair area.

The best thing to do is to continue using beard oils. Simply massage the oil twice a day into the beard.