Why does beard gets curls after wudu?

Why do beard curls after Wudu?

Before getting into the steps to be taken to avoid curling of beard, first it is necessary to know why your beard curl up and the reason is, as the beard gets lengthy the sebum oil produced by the skin follicles becomes insufficient to match its growth. As a result, the beard remains undernourished and un-moisturized. This makes the beard to form split ends and starts curling up. Further it is also the reason why your beard itches and skin flakes out.


Here are some steps that can be taken to avoid curling of beard:


  1. Using Beard Oils

Beard oil is the first solution to the problem you are facing. The oil is very advantageous and has got great benefits. Beard oil can reduce beard curls by moisturizing the beard and nourishing it from root to top. It acts just like the natural sebum oil and helps meet the demands of growing beard. Regular application of it gives you a healthier and good-looking beard. The beard on the upper neck is the first to curl up. Perfect the neck line by trimming it regularly and adding more oil especially the portion below your chin.



  1. Using a Beard Shampoo

Facial hair needs cleansing too. To remove that dust and dirt trapped in between your hair and skin, regular shampooing is necessary. Most of the guys use the regular hair shampoo on beard. While you can use your regular shampoo, but it is not advised as it may be too harsh for your beard and the skin beneath. Investing in good quality beard shampoos that are mild and gentle on your skin will be of great benefit.


  1. Combing your Beard properly

Regular combing will prevent the tangling of beard. After separating the beard hairs, brush the hair back down. Use beard combs which will not rip or split the beard hairs. The size and distance between the teeth of the comb should be selected appropriate to the size and density of the beard hair. Using wrong once can damage the hair. Use very wide toothed comb if you have thick and long hair to avoid friction. Avoid combing wet hair as it may lead to hair loss.



  1. Beard Wax can hold it firm

There are a lot of beard wax’s available which helps to rejuvenate the beard ranging from beard repair creams and balms. It helps the beard to put on that extra shine and adds to its even growth. Don’t use the one you use for your hair. Applying beard wax can give you a tangle-free in-shape beard. The wax holds the beard firm and prevents it from scattering away. It’s a great tool to style your beard. After applying wax, comb cleanly and concentrate at the ends.


  1. Hair Straightening Dryers

Beard enthusiasts go for beard straightness (hairdryers) for treating the curls and straightening up the beard. Mini Hair Dryers are available which can be used for this process but only go for it if you have sufficient length of beard. Straightening the beard is little difficult and takes added efforts and time.



Hope that these steps help you to maintain a sleek beard. There is a great difference between a man who grows a beard and a man who doesn’t bothers to shave his beard.