5 Lessons I Have Learnt After Bearding 1 Year

5 Lessons I Have Learnt After Bearding  1 Year

“Patience and Persistence are the providers of progress.”

– Tim Fargo –


Facial hair has gained Huge Popularity with men all over the World, especially beard. It is considered as a sign of confidence and maturity in men. Growing a good beard requires patience, persistence and commitment. It is the process that you need to commit to, as growth and change don’t happen overnight. You need to be patient as the process is slow and gradual, you won’t notice it every day. Thus, for which you need to note or record the process by taking pictures or maybe measure the length to realize and look back at the growth not just for yourself but also to show and encourage others in doing so , if they are interested in doing so.

 #1 Making Up The Mind, Facial Style, Should Grow or Not?

The beginning phase is the most exciting and also gives a strong feeling of consciousness as you have to stop shaving for a few days. Now, this step of giving up shaving depends on how long you want your facial hair to grow. In my case, it took about 10-12days to grow a stubble facial hair.

#2 Seldom You, Artless Facial, U-Turn to Shave  

The phase where most of us give up. This is the phase when things can get little uncomfortable as it is a very unusual change to your face and for your personality. Certainly, we all have different Genes, Skin tones, Types and Hair Texture. Thus, hair growth varies for man to man depending upon these factors.
Letting my hairs grow freely caused my skin to feel itchy and rough sometimes. Some of you may also face beard dandruff, dry skin, acne or ingrown hairs. These are common issues which require much attention or you won’t have a pleasant experience.

#3 Woolly Face, Disordered Facial, Lost in Middle of No Where

Here’s the most awkward phase while growing a beard and that is the bushy stage. You will probably get into this phase by the 2ndor 3rd month and as I have curly facial hair, it was even more difficult to obtain a neat look. I used to blow dry to straighten them for keeping it in shape. You may get many comments on how this decision of yours is not a good idea or it may not be appealing to others sight but it all comes down to believing in yourself and wanting to experience a change within yourself

#4 Stay Ambitious, All in One Facial, Pretty Near to Race Line

The last phase is to keep up with the progress and maintain the persistence. The beard and the moustache as well should be very well groomed, you may need to get a trim every month or so.  There is a wide range of beard oils and beard balms. You can either use the natural essential oils or good beard products to help you maintain the progress. It took me about 6-7 months to get my desired style and length.
Don’t try to imitate others styles or beard because it will only lead to beard envy or even disappointment. Everyone has their own unique features and styles, so embrace yours and encourage others.


#5 Distinctive You, Desired Beard, A Crown on Head

There will come a moment when you will get attention because of your majestic manly mane and people will compare you with other well-known beadsmen. There are good things and bad things you’ll experience when growing out your face fluff. If you’re just beginning, you have many of the things listed above to look forward to. If you’re already an established beards man, you can certainly relate. And as more experience the joy of growing a beard, others will realize it’s not a fad that’s going away. The beard growing “trend” is here to stay, so you better get used to it.



“A Man Who Is A Master Of Patience Is Master Of Everything Else.”

– George Savile –


Uzair Al Badoowi