5 Tips You Can’t Afford to Skip If You Sport a Beard!

5 Tips You Can’t Afford to Skip If You Sport a Beard!


They say, “Those with Beards are Never Alone.” Yes, we have got your back!

Your presence here brings an intuition to us that for you, having a beard is something more than just following the trend. Here are these five tips you would definitely be glad to know about:

  1. Do not comb your beard too often:

The ugly fact behind this recommendation is, BEARD SPLIT ENDS. Combing a lot can makes your beard begin to dry out which eventually causes damage to your facial hair. Combing your beard 3-4 times a day is more than enough as I would see it.

  1. Itch too shall pass:

You read it right; that ‘Stubble-Trouble’ does not lasts forever. All you need to do is to keep your skin as moist as possible. Applying beard conditioner with a warm water rinse can do wonders in this context.

  1. Don’t let your beard just grow:

Your beard has the ability to speak before the words even can, so you must do justice to what your beard says about you. A visit to the salon at least once in every two weeks is what I would suggest you to schedule.

  1. Resist the beard dye!

You must have seen guys with these colored beards walking past you that might have made you have a similar thought for your beard as well. I shall be the last person to suggest you a beard dye as it might react with your skin type and can develop some serious allergies one can’t stand to experience.



  1. Optimize your beard:

Every facial structure is dissimilar to the other. Optimizing your beard is to know which of the beard styles would meet right on your facial structure. A search on it made me know that men with a Round face should go with keeping hair fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides while if you have an Oval face most styles will work well for you.