Beard : A Woman’s Perspective

“It is stated that 97% of the women prefer men with beard, and the remaining 3% do too”. ***laughs***

A great philosopher once said: ‘Our world is a changing place; it is constantly developing new characteristics in the visual and historical aspects’. Due to such variations in the global society’s perspectives, believes regarding many visual aspects have been transformed. However, if anything that hasn’t changed by now, are the viewpoints about the visual aspect of men Beard. Today’s world has become a diverse global society in which different cultures contradict with each other due to distinctions in their values and believes. There are very few instances over which there are no contradictions across all the cultures and one of them is certainly men Beard. For instance: West and the East, Beards across both the regions are recognized as a sign of masculinity and greater dominance. In these cultures, Beards have assisted in developing certain perspectives about the men which has also influenced the development of the women perspective about bearded men. In order to evaluate the women perspective regarding men beard, a survey consisted of 100 women was conducted and all were asked with a single question i.e. ‘Will you agree to marry a man who sports a beard?’. Well, the results were not surprising as majority of 88 of those 100 women, promptly stated they would love to marry a bearded men. When the reasons behind such women perspective were examined, all of them were meeting to a similar point. They believe that marrying a man who has a beard would lead them to a supportive, adventurous, brave and bold life.

Indeed, the connection between a men beard and women affection has turned out to be quite solid and now it is certain that some men who have shaven off their beards, have not only distant themselves from manhood but have also pushed themselves down in the women preference when it comes to marriage.