Why Having a Beard is Superior To Not Having One

Your presence here on this page ensures that you are currently into hoarding the marbles of why one should keep a hold onto that beard. We know it! Keeping a beard is not all fun and games, yet it has a considerable measure of advantages, that the whiskerless men don’t get to appreciate. Here are few merits of having a beard, which are certainly not less than a bonus.

  1. Greater Manliness!

Wisdom doesn’t grow on trees, it grows on faces! Men impulsively are more inclined towards needing to appear as manly and gallant as they can. And beards can do wonders in the particulars, as there’s no other fact that suggest masculinity more than beards.

  1. Bid farewell to Acne.

Men generally have more exposure with dust and sunlight. In this context, Beard works as an anti-rosacea shield that keeps away the harmful UV Rays for about 95% of the time. Yes, that’s one healthy reason to feel good about your beard!

  1. Get compliments for being laid-back!

Ever heard of someone getting praised for being lazy? Men, have got that prestige! You just need to stick to the low-key schedule and let your beard grow. The rocky-rugged look would surely get you some amazing compliments as I would see it.

  1. Fewer Gum Disease:

It’s not just cooler, but healthier too! Your mustache and beard works together as filters that keeps the airborne bacteria from entering your mouth. But, the ‘Stringing-out’ mustache look is not something we’d suggest you to strike up.


  1. Fosters the confidence:

Eight out of ten men acknowledged the fact that there was a visible change in the feeling of certainty and tranquility after sporting a beard. Hence, settling on the choice to grow a beard heads men to set a higher standard for their life and appear more victorious.