It’s official: if so far you had failed to find a proper reason for keeping a beard you have it now. The reason is linked all the way back to evolutionary reasons.

Science is here, and its outcomes simple. In researches where people were shown pictures of bearded and clean-shaven men side-by-side, making aggressive impressions on their face, the former tended to be perceived almost always as fiercer.

Bearded men also tend to look more mature and older than those who don’t have one. According to participants, these men also looked to be belonging a higher social ladder.

So, while clean-shaven men may edge their bearded counterparts slightly when it came to approachability, they were almost always going to lose marks on intimidation, and obviously on the attractiveness factor.

Of course, in this day and age no one really needs to fight it out for legacy rights, nor does anyone engage in gladiator fights every Friday night. However, there are fewer ways guaranteed to give a finer first impression than that slick extended goatee.

Beards also didn’t necessarily lose points on cleanliness level, especially well-cultivated, manicured ones. Instead, a slightly lighter stubble, which gave impression of laziness usually got the most slack from participants. So in case you end up choosing to grow a beard, be sure to act like you care, too.