Beard Mysteries: How A Beard Increases Your Brain Activity


Your beard may only have a visual appeal to you yet according to science the connection it goes far beyond the epidermal and level. Here’s a brain-hack: the next time you face a brain-teaser prod and tinker your beard, if you don’t do it naturally already. Stroking your beard knowingly may feel superfluous but it can improve your cognitive abilities, as well as boost your concentration level. The most-intriguing thing about the whole process is that science doesn’t provide an explanation for it at all. For all we know, it could be a reflex reaction similar to the soothing of temples under stress. As this point, you might as well be better off thumping your elbows on tables than anything else, but the point is this method is proven to work and provide at least a slight mental boost. It is at this point that we address the rumors, including the wildly infamous one on the relation between beard and brain strength. Such a correlation doesn’t exist prominently and at the highly-quoted 75% mark, it is more laughable than anything. A beard also releases stress and gives you an authoritative look compared to your rival, meaning the compound effect of the sum is greater than its parts. So, the next time someone calls your beard-cultivation a waste of time and energy, feel free to mention the irony. But remember what they say about hard-work which is the core of all success!