5 Simple Steps To Grow Beard Faster

5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Beard Faster

As you know, beard all around the globe is marked for manliness and power, so a well-groomed beard is a wellspring of extraordinary pride. As much as men love to show-off robust and rugged look, some can’t grow facial hair at the right age and they feel helpless, as beard and moustache growth is majorly linked to individual’s age, genes, hormones, and diet.

Sharing your pain of slow beard growth, I have researched a lot and finally would suggest following five trouble-free steps that can give you some phenomenal results.

  1. First, Relax!

The very first step to grow your facial hair naturally is to peace yourself out. Many beauty and health gurus believe that stress can reduce your hair growth by 15%. So, make sure you get enough sleep as it repairs your harmed skin cells and helps your facial hair develop naturally.

  1. Supplement your diet with vitamins

They say you are what you eat. Nutrients from the foods you eat provide the foundation and growth for every little cell of your body. Consume the food that contains a good amount of Vitamin A, B, C and E and support your beard growth.

  1. Facial massage

Apply beard oil on your growing facial hair and massage to improve blood circulation to the face and nourish the hair growth. It also helps you cover the underdeveloped patches in your beard.


  1. Halt that Trimmer!

The beard hairs can get hard in the initial growth phase and that might make you want to trim or shave. Remember! You can always apply a beard balm/oil if it’s itchy and resume shaping it once you exceed a span of six weeks.


  1. Get a proper beard kit:

The splendidly groomed beards you find in those magazines don’t go along that simple. Every step of grooming requires a specific type of handy tool that can be easily acquired; be it a beard comb, a trimming kit, or beard oils, each one of these plays an imperative part to nurture your beard.

Good Luck with growing your beard!



  • If you’re below 20 and you want to grow beard, don’t worry. In Pakistan, many people have such skins and biology that beard starts growing after 20 and it is normal.
  • Beard growth is already a slow process. Above points will accelerate the growth process, but don’t expect it to grow a full-beard in a month’s time. You have to be patient with it and there is no other choice.