Having a Beard? Here’s a complete guide which oils to use

It’s not just a beard; it is a passport to being awesome! And to have all the ends meet, it’s mandatory for you to glance through this Beard oil guide which I am sure will assist you in choosing the right oil to make a healthy beard.


If you are one of those who have their genetics ‘not too popular’ for having beards, Olive oil may tweak this custom for you. It contains about 75% of Oleic acid which promotes healthier hair. So, I suggest you use a good amount of Olive oil on your beard daily for at least 20 minutes, and see the difference.


Is your beard a bit too dry? Then we’ve got you a great rescue. Jojoba oil can give clammy to you dry skin just by pouring a few drops of it onto your beard and rubbing it thoroughly. I incline more towards giving it a chance to infiltrate overnight.


If you believe that your facial skin is quite sensitized to conventional oils in the market, then I would see Apricot oil as essential for you. Since it is light in texture, it gets easily absorbed giving your skin a minimal chance to react upon, which can help you calm the aggravations and irritations you’ve got already.


In case you’re seeking beard growth, treating dandruff, or/and reducing skin inflammation, then Almond oil is the best choice. Hair loss is often attributed to magnesium deficiencies but as Almond oil is rich with magnesium and biotin, it will definitely support your beard growth. Moreover, it moisturizes the skin beneath your beard and preserves the skin from dying, therefore, reducing the risk of having dandruff.


Many of you may be having split-ends on your beards. Aside from having antioxidants that protect the skin cells, Vitamin E is a great remedy for beards with split-ends. It also aids in preventing premature graying of beards, anti-aging, and increasing shine.


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By: Arif Hussain